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What do you think of when you hear the word moderation? Do you think of all of the things you do or indulge in, in excess? Or do you think of the things that you wish you did more often? I know that’s a bit weird, but it’s possible. For me, I think of balance. I think of forgiving myself and allowing myself the chance to make mistakes or be imperfect. It’s a stretch in thought, but not in practice.

The definition describes moderation as the avoidance of extremes, restraint. Much restraint is needed when trying to find balance, so this works for me.

I feel so many people don’t practice or allow for moderation in their lives. For instance, I don’t believe in dieting, because the restrictions cause me to crave or want to cheat. Yet, when I decide to eat healthy and excuse some of my bad choices, I have greater success. So what I ate a piece of chocolate cake, as long as my next meal is a bit more healthy, then that will balance out my day. Of course, the problem comes when my next meal isn’t as healthy as I promised or when that piece of chocolate cake turns into the whole cake. But, baby steps. I’m only human.

Anyway, I think we need to focus more on this word and use it more often. Not, in our vocabulary, more so in practice. Give a little, take a little. Accept that even the negative or less appealing parts of yourself are still you and are integral pieces to the puzzle. We learn from our mistakes, and then we grow. One of my big practices of moderation is going green or living a more natural life. We strive to buy organic and I am shooting for GMO free products as well. But, there are days when we eat out or desire a product that is less than natural. So, with moderation, all is even.

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