So, the end of the year is fast approaching! And I’m not sure if I’m alone, but it feels like I’ve forgotten way more memories than I’ve remembered. I wish I did more in 2013, but I probably feel this way at the end of every year.

I’m not really into New Year’s Resolutions, but this time, I’m thinking about possibly making some. Or at least taking advantage of the year change to make a few life adjustments. I’m also about to turn 31, and I feel like it’s time to makes some plans for my thirties. For the most part, I like who I am or who I’m becoming. But, I don’t feel like I’ve made any attempts in my journey to maintain who I am. Of course,mic I am being my genuine self, it really shouldn’t require much work or energy. But, my genuine self could use some fine tuning.

Here are some things I plan to work on in 2014.

Cake Seduction – For those of you who don’t know, I actually do own a business. And for the past 2 years, I have neglected it. I don’t have the capability of building it back to what it once was, but I can reconsider taking it down a new path. I plan to refocus and attempt to relaunch something in January. Let’s see how things go. Hopefully, putting this information out there will help me to stay focused. I also need to order more business cards, lol.

Applying myself in teaching my child new things. I have been practicing a very lazy parenting approach. I figure, if he’s meant to know it, he’ll learn it as he goes. This is true, but I also think it’ sit me that I really engage in activities with my child. I won’t be forcing him to learn his abc’s, but I will be introducing the letters to him and helping him sound them out. We will be learning through play, starting in Jaunuary. Or actually, we will be starting now, but officially with others, in the new year.

Eating healthy. I know I should eat better. I know that if I eat better and offer better foods to my child, he would in turn eat better. But, I don’t. My husband stopped eating red meat 2 years ago and I am so proud of him. Not that he doesn’t eat red meat, but that he made a decision to do something for health reasons or what and he actually stuck to it. I am horrible at committing to things that are food related. Mostly because I hate diets and the idea of limitations. So, I need to make note in 2014 to make better choices. I think I need a game plan for this. And that might be in conjunction with other “changes” I plan to make.

I need to plan better. Now, this is going to be tough and a two-fold task. I need to plan better financially and therefore should probably consider creating a budget for myself. And then I would like to do more meal planning, which will help with eating better. So, that grocery list and app that I keep neglecting, should hopefully get a lot more use in 2014.

Live more Holistic. Ummm. . . I’m not really sure what this completely means for me. But, I want to work on living a more simply life. And hopefully reduce my carbon footprint along the way. I’m planning on becoming a leader of my local Holistic Moms Network Chapter, and we have so many plans for the new year. I think these plans are exactly what I need to help me refocusing.

The last thing on my list is a bit complex for me. I’m not sure how to describe or exactly how I will go about it. But, I would like to be more zen. Especially in the presence of others. I feel like I have this overflow of energy when I’m around others, but when I’m alone, I’m so calm and relaxed. I prefer that person. I mean I get it, I spend very little time around others, so their presence excites me. But, I think that level of excitement ends of draining me too fast. I need an outlet to help refocus this energy which would allow me to be more balanced. I’ve thought about yoga or meditation, and will probably look more into both of those, but I’m hoping there are other options as well. This will definitely take a lot of planning and research. And I predict that based on what else I have planned, this may end up taking a back seat. But, hopefully I will find the time before another year goes by.

What are your thoughts on resolutions? And even if you don’t actually call them that or think of them in that way, do you have any resolutions or goals for 2014?


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