Mini Turkey Meatloaves with Spinach

So, I love this Meatloaf recipe from Cook Yourself Thin. Although, I do like to put my own spin on it. My favorite part is making them portion sized. They cook quicker and are much easier to serve.

Finished Meal

Final product. I usually end up pairing it with sweet potatoes a lot.

Here are some images of the step by step process.

[Warning: These aren’t very fancy pics. I have a lot of work to do in that department.]

Sauteed Onions and Garlic

1. Saute onions. I added some garlic this time around.

Spinach Sauteed Spinach

2. Saute spinach until wilted. I added the spinach once the onions were soft. I’m not sure how the recipe says to do it.

Breadcrumbs Milk and crumbs

3. Place a slice of bread (I toast a whole wheat slice first) in a food processor. Add milk to breadcrumbs.

Spinach to Mixture Add Turkey

4. Add spinach mixture to soaked breadcrumbs. As well as an egg and seasonings. I think the recipe calls for parmesan cheese too.

5. Then add turkey. Or whatever meat you like. I prefer just using turkey meat. And I don’t go for the extremely lean option.

Molded Loaves

6. Next you mold the loaves. I used a cookie cutter this time. But, the recipe says you can just use a 1-cup measuring cup.

Finished Loaf   Finished Loaves

Final product. Check the recipe for cooking time and how to make the glaze.


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