365 grateful

Day 1: I am Grateful

[A friend just posted an article about this 365 Grateful Project, so in honor of the new year, I thought I’d take on a similar challenge of sharing what I’m grateful for each day. I may not be able to, or want to post a picture, but I will make the effort to blog about something I am grateful for each day. I’ve also decided to take on the challenge of limiting my words to a sentence or two. And I will attempt to be a bit specific and not take the easy road and just say I’m grateful for my child or my husband. That is always a given. I’m not saying I won’t use them, but my challenge will be in the specifics, like their smile or certain attributes.]

Today, I am grateful for the 2 hours of mommy free time my husband gave to me unexpectedly when he took our son out to visit his grandparents


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