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My Journey

I’m on this natural parenting, natural minded, natural eating, natural living, natural lifestyle journey. I don’t actually have a road map for this journey or truly know my destination point. But, I do have a goal. I would like to live a simpler life. And possibly become a bit minimalist.

I’m sure that along this journey I will learn plenty of things that may result in me taking a few unexpected paths or detours. But, I’m fine with that. I love the idea of taking the scenic route on this journey. I’m hoping that along this journey, I don’t get lost or become too focused on what I’m “supposed to do” or what is considered acceptable. I’m hoping that this journey frees me and allows me to become more open minded.

This journey is extremely experimental. However, I’m hoping that others join me on my journey. I’m almost positive that we won’t end up in the same place, but will all enjoy the experience.

I bet you’re wondering what classifies as “natural”. Who really knows the answer to that? I’m sure that word means different things to different people. For me, at it’s simplest definition means simple, from the earth. Even the definition for natural goes on forever. There are over 30 descriptions for natural in my dictionary app.

Anyway, for me, natural is simple. Just simple. I want to parent as simple as I can. That doesn’t mean things won’t be hard, but I feel the most simple response or action is more often the best approach. Here’s an example; it may be easy to tell a child what you think they want to hear, but I feel being honest is the simpler approach. Lying may seem easy in the moment, but honesty is the simpler response. I know some may argue that honesty isn’t always natural for some, but it is to me. And this is a reflection of my journey. Your journey may take you in a different direction. And I did say that it’s not always going to be easy. I don’t find simple and easy to always be the same thing.

How can I go on a natural minded journey? I think that may difficult to explain. Part of me wants to judge and assume less. However, I kind of feel those are just part of human behavior, and I have every desire to remain human. I think I just want to give people the benefit of the doubt more often and try not to project my preconceived ideas on to them. What is common sense to me, may not be to another. And it is not my job to get others to think like or be like me. I’ve been on this journey for sometime, but I definitely forget these things from time to time.

Natural eating is an extremely difficult one to explain and even achieve. This area is where I will probably find myself taking a lot of different paths and side roads. I don’t diet and I’m not a huge fan of exercise. However, I do believe in eating healthy and being active. Healthy eating has taken on a ton of meanings over the years and I’m sure my interpretation is completely different from yours. I just want to eat simple foods. More fruits, definitely more vegetables. Less fast foods and processed foods. I would say more like how they ate 50 years ago, but I’m thinking of going back further. I would love to live as if I were on a farm, but I’m no Farmer.

Okay, I’m sure natural living can encompass all of what I’ve described above, but I would also include giving back to the earth along with reducing my carbon foot print. I probably will never be a recycling fanatic, but any little bit helps. I’m currently (supposed to be) reading a book about removing or reducing the amount of plastic in my life; Plastic Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too. So far, it really is inspiring me to use less plastic. I’m already not a fan of plastic, but this is making me more wary of the different types of plastic and how they break down.

There are so many possibilities for my natural lifestyle journey, I’m really excited how it will all turn out for me. I sort of predict that it will end up being a never ending journey. And I’m really hoping to learn so much along the way and that others will join in. Especially those who bother to read this blog.


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