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Making Oat Milk

I enjoyed making oat milk. I just wish I drank milk often enough to make it worth it. Hopefully, since I recently realized that my child is a bit sensitive to cow’s milk, I can get him to drink oat milk while I attempt to wean him from nursing.

This is a great recipe that I found for making oat milk. But, here’s my process that I will try to update as I gain experience. I’m also hoping to host a play date or workshop where we make various “milks”.


Oat milk with Ovaltine
1 cup Steelcut Oats
3 cups Water
3 T Coconut Sugar
6T Ovaltine

1. Let oats soak for at least an hour or even overnight.
2. Rinse soaked oats.
3. Add oats and water to blender. Blend well.
4. Strain oat pulp, multiple times into clean glass bowl or measuring cup.

Here are pics from my first 2 batches of Oat milk

iPhone Photos 791

iPhone Photos 803iPhone Photos 804iPhone Photos 806


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