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What Makes Me Holistic

I am a member of a group called Holistic Moms Network. We are a group of moms supporting one another on our natural journey. I also belong to a Babywearing group, an Attached Moms group, a Cloth diapering group, and even a Breastfeeding group! All of these groups serve their purpose for where I am right now as a new mom, but I’ve always felt a deeper connection and related to way more of the women in my holistic mom group.

Currently, I am becoming one of the co leaders for my local chapter. And in efforts to help our members become more engaged, I have been asking different get to know you questions. One question I recently asked was about how people define themselves as being holistic. Here I am thinking that it’s the things people are doing or want to do that make them who they are. But, out of the responses, rises my realization that it’s how you got to that decision or the reasons behind it that make you holistic.

Part of the reason why I joined our chapter, aside from the coaxing of one of our leaders, was my understanding that while I was heavily involved with interacting in all of those other groups, at some point they would no longer serve a purpose for me. Yet, I would still seek support along my journey and being apart of a group that encompasses all of that just makes more sense to me. I’m not saying that those other groups aren’t important. But, there will come a time where I am no longer Breastfeeding, Babywearing, or cloth diapering. I won’t need a support system for my partially vaccinated child eventually, and based on the principles of what I understand about attachment parenting, my kid should eventually find his independence and in turn detach from me to a certain degree. Unless of course, I plan to babywear him down the aisle and nurse him while co sleeping with him and his new spouse on their honeymoon.

I have been trying to get some of my fellow moms to join this group, but I think we are all at different points in how we view these groups and our needs. Sure, there’s a member fee, but as one of my co leaders points out, it’s more like a donation towards a non profit organization. And when you put it that way, the fee looks like steal! I think, just like all of these other things, it makes a difference when you come to this conclusion on your own.

Anyway, back to why I identify with my community of holistic moms. We are all on a journey, and maybe not the exact same journey, but we do cross similar paths. We have all reached a point where we acknowledge that there are others that share at least some of our concerns and want some of the same things. We research and research until we are somewhat satisfied with our findings. And then we research some more. We are constantly questioning the norm. We take nothing for granted. And we are always open to sharing our insight with others in a respectful manner. We truly support each other and our community.

I didn’t realize that thinking for myself and coming to my own conclusions was what made me holistic. I was just assuming that it was all of the natural decisions I’ve made. But, in reality, I made those decisions because I was open to the idea of becoming more aware that what society deems normal, is not always right. As a child, I have always questioned the norm or what’s popular. I almost always rejected it. So, as an adult, it makes sense that I would have more interest in taking the road less traveled. And what I’ve realized is that even when some of my choices appear to be what’s popular or a fad for now, I will still continue on this journey even when their popularity fades. Of course, I must admit that I would actually welcome Breastfeeding, Babywearing, cloth diapering and so on to become the popular choices. The only issue for me is that when others join in, they make the price of things go up and the quality go down. And most fads are joined by people who just want to do what’s popular and not what makes sense or is right.

I think it’s also important to know that I’m not someone who has read all of the parenting books (I actually haven’t read any) or has been in a library or all over the internet researching any and everything. Most of the time I just use my common sense or intuition. If someone tells me something that doesn’t make sense or that doesn’t carry much logic, but they do it just because everyone else does, I take a step back and rethink the information they are giving me. Then, I follow my instincts and try to come to my own conclusion. I also do a lot of “field studies”, this is where I ask my fellow moms and people tons of questions. I also read what others are saying or asking. This is my favorite type of research since I usually know the source better than a google search.

Anyway, I’m sure I have more to say on this subject, but like I’ve said, this blog is a reflection of my evolution as a mom and a person, so I’m leaving the room to come back to this topic at another time. You can also read about my natural journey.

Are you holistic? I would love to know what you think makes you holistic?


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