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Flaxseed Hair Gel

We made some hair gel using flaxseed a month or so ago. Of course, for our first time, we ran into a lot of questions.   Flaxseed Gel (4)

Flaxseed Gel (8)    Flaxseed Gel (7)    Flaxseed Gel (9)

Flaxseed Gel (10)      Flaxseed Gel (11)

We couldn’t figured out what the consistency was supposed to be of the gel while it boiled. Part of me believes that my bag of flaxseeds weren’t very fresh. So, I bought a new bag to try out another batch. I can’t confidently say that that was the issue though, it could have been that after making a few batches and watching a few YouTube videos, that I just got the hang of it. I also made a smaller batch.

One tip I can give you is that using essential oils resulted in a much better product. The batch I made at home was just pure flaxseed and my hair became flaky when it dried.

We based our batch off of this blog’s recipe

And this blog’s video:

You’re basically boiling 1/4 cup of flaxseeds in 2 cups of water.


So, then a few weeks went by and I was looking at my stale batch of flaxseeds. Because, I’m not a fan of wasting things, I decided what could go wrong if I soaked them in water. This became my mini science experiment! I had to put them in a bowl since the ratio of seeds to water was way off in this mason jar.

The results yielded something very interesting. . .

IMG_3103IMG_3086 IMG_3106 IMG_3115

It turns out, that if you just soak the seeds and are willing to wait a few hours, they still form a gel! This is exciting to me because there is no guessing involved or risk of messing up! Plus, I feel like when you boil things, they lose some of their beneficial properties. So, this is a win win all around for me. I can be very patient, so waiting til the next day isn’t much of a big deal for me. My only issue right now is that I soaked like half a bag of seeds and now have a boat load of gel to go through! It’s a learning process, right!

IMG_3134 IMG_3135

1 thought on “Flaxseed Hair Gel”

  1. This looks very interesting! I’ve been meaning to give it a try. Have you tried the gelatin and water version? I’m currently using that and the results are pretty good. None of the crunchiness as with commercial gel or mousse. Thanks for you post!

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