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Valentine’s Day Treat

We recently celebrated my niece’s birthday. And just like with mine, everyone always wants to throw in something related to Valentine’s Day. So, I ended up with half a bag of Hershey’s chocolate kisses. Yeah, I know.

Anyway, we decided to revamp them into something more tasty and also get more use out of our molds.




All I did was unwrap a bunch of kisses, melt them in the microwave, then added the “rice krispies”. Of course, I added too many since I didn’t measure anything. But they did still come out yummy. Once mixed, I scooped the mixture into the molds, then let then set in the fridge. And voila, Chocolate Krispies!




Tip: Hershey kisses aren’t the best option for making chocolate candy. Yes, they’re candy, but based on the ingredients, they don’t really hold up as well once melted. The melted mixture also doesn’t pour well.

I think I’m going to attempt this using homemade vegan fudge!


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