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Purple Lemonade

3 Lemons

1/2 c Natural Cane Sugar (or any sweetener)

6 c Cold Water

1/2 c Blackberries

1. Juice lemons preferably using a juicer. Should yield about 3/4c of lemon juice.

2. Combine lemon juice and natural cane sugar until sugar is dissolved.

3. Add water. This should result in a nice glass of lemonade. (may need more sugar but don’t add any yet)

Now, to make it purple;

4. Puree or muddle blackberries. Then strain to remove seeds.

[Be careful, blackberry juice stains, so you might want to wear an apron and have tons of paper towels or rags on hand.]

5. Add blackberry juice to lemonade creating desired color. You may need to add more than required to produce a true purple color. However, too much blackberry juice creates a more tart beverage.

6. Once mixed, add more sugar or water to taste. 

[The blackberries act as a sweetener, but depending on their ripeness they may also make the mixture a little tart. There’s a bit of trial and error based on when you make this throughout the season.]


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