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Chicken BLT Salad Sandwich

I am trying to get my family and I back on track to better eating. So, I decided I would revisit a meal that I made for my son’s first birthday party. This post was initially posted on another blog that I no longer contribute to, but I was able to save the contents.


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Chicken BLT Salad Sandwich

I wanted to write about this sandwich that I made for my son’s birthday party recently. It appeared to be a big hit and I was so proud of myself for executing it so well. I was at a Starbucks and came across this delicious Chicken BLT Salad Sandwich and knew right away that I wanted something similar. Since I couldn’t find my ideal recipe, I just decided to wing it. I don’t have an actually recipe for this yet, but I did just make it again today so I will give an idea of what measurements I used today.

Chicken BLT Sandwich
The first step would be to marinate chicken breasts. For today’s meal, I used three boneless, skinless chicken breasts that I sliced in half. Almost like I butterflied them. I find they cook faster this way. The ones I used for the event were seasoned with salt, pepper, and fresh minced garlic.

After letting the chicken marinate in the fridge overnight, I grilled it on my griddle until they were cooked thoroughly.

Grilled Chicken

Once the chicken was cooked, I let it cool. For the actual event, I just refrigerated everything until I was ready to assemble. But, today I just jumped right in. I cut the chicken into cubes. You can also cut them in strips which is what I did today.

Cubed Chicken

The next step is to make the bacon. Which you could of course do while cooking the chicken. The best way to cook the bacon is in the oven, in my opinion. I use a wire rack and a baking sheet.



Once cooked, I would let the bacon cool completely. Then chop it in strips or at least bite size pieces. I didn’t use bacon for today’s batch. But, if I had, I probably would have used about 4 or 5 slices to my 3 chicken breasts. For the batch I made for the party, I used the whole pack, but I also had to put some aside without bacon.

Chopped Bacon


Then there’s the tomatoes. I think I used grape tomatoes for the first batch and cherry tomatoes for today’s. I prefer the grape tomatoes or which ever ones are the smallest. I ended up cutting the ones from today because I felt they weren’t bite sized. So, for these, you just saute them in olive oil until they burst. I also added a little salt and pepper. Today’s batch had about a pint of tomatoes. I think that’s how much the small container is.

Sauteed Grape Tomatoes


Then we cut up some scallions. For those less seasoned cooks, green onions. They’re the same, but if you aren’t familiar, you can spend more time than you’d like searching the produce section looking for scallions. Just slice them as small as you can. I used about 1/4cup or so for today’s batch. But, the one for the event, I used much less in comparison.


So, now everything is cooked and should be ready to assemble. Well, except the dressing. But, at this point, you can throw everything together in a bowl. Then this is where I cheat. All of the recipes I found on the internet required mayonnaise, sour cream, scallions, lemon juice, and pepper. I found this very delicious scoopable mayonnaise that is Non GMO certified and decided to try it. It is apparently the only mayonnaise on the market that is and it also has a very gourmet appeal. So, I decided to use it. I also mixed in a bit of sour cream, which you could leave out if you wanted, and a little ground pepper.

  iPhone Photos 652iPhone Photos 654

This was a real trial and error. I used the whole bottle of mayonnaise to make the mixture and a few tablespoons of sour cream. I didn’t actually use the whole mixture in the salad though. And for today’s batch, I used their chipotle  mayonnaise. I think I use equal parts mayonnaise and sour cream. I honestly decided to add more sour cream because I felt the mayonnaise had a bit of a kick to it and I was looking to cool it down a little. So, 2 tablespoons sour cream to 3 tablespoons mayonnaise could work too.
At this point, all that’s left is to mix in the dressing with the other ingredients. I would also add salt to taste which is what I don’t do.

You could pretty much eat the salad as is or wrapped in a piece of lettuce or even a tortilla. But, of course I just use bread. I think I like the soft wheat the best, which is what I used today.

iPhone Photos 656
When assembling the sandwich I also added lettuce on top of the bread because you really can’t call it a blt without the “l”.

iPhone Photos 691

Well, I hope you decide to try this and share you experience! It is actually my new favorite thing to eat.

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I’m currently in the middle of making this today, but I will be leaving out the sour cream, and bacon. I’m also substituting the bread for tortilla wraps, and the scallions for spinach. I love how versatile this recipe can be!


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  1. This looks sooo good! I’m also on the lookout for healthy recipes for my family, so thanks for sharing 🙂

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