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Week 1 of 2017

I’m going to set a goal for myself to blog weekly or at least post something. Ideally, there will be pictures and small summaries or thoughts. You won’t get my whole life story, but it will be a great way for me to reflect on my year and gauge any growth or changes. I think my goal for this year is to be more productive and efficient. I’ve lost my knack for efficiency and I think I would like it back. It helped me to think more clearly, I believe. 

This Week:

I came across this recipe for Animal Crackers and decided I would try them out with one change. I wanted them to mimic these Animal Crackers that my children and I enjoy. I have been searching for a recipe to try for awhile now. I just swapped out 1/2 cup of flour for ground oats. The plan is to also make these for an upcoming meetup in February where we will be making homemade treats. 

In taste testing these, I foresee the need for a few more trials before we see these as our new “go to” snack. 

Just to round out some other activities for the week; I saw Fences, which I really enjoyed, and the children and I joined our friends at the Staten Island Children’s Museum. We plan to be there a few times this year. 

Also made some yummy banana oatmeal muffins. 


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