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Week 2 of 2017

We’re easing in slow to another week. It snowed this weekend, but I managed to bundle the kids up and head out to a birthday party. Although we were an hour late. I also got to whip up some quick biscuits for breakfast. I think I may have to share that recipe at some point. 

This week:

I took my first official crack at braiding my daughter’s hair. It’s not too bad. Hopefully I will get better. I found this tutorial to be very helpful. 

We made some Energy Bites! I’m attempting to make a cookbook for beginners, so I may actually be baking a bit more with the kids as research. This experience was exactly what you would expect with children. This is a no bake snack. 

* I know I said I wasn’t going to write about every single things, but I spent like a whole day trying to figure out how to use WordPress and these plugins to help bring to life another website I have had in the works for a while now and I am elated!! I need to give the most props to my hubby who was able to utilize his awesome IT skills to assist me. We didn’t make it work the way I would like it all to, but it still works. And without his help, I would be crying and still cranky at the kids. I really would like to work on my grumpiness towards the kids, so I’m glad it has all worked out for now. 

My, Families for Equity group had two really good meetups this week, as well. Attendance isn’t where I’d like it to be, but our children are growing together and learning how to interact. That’s pretty much all I want for my children and from a community. One of our Meetups focused on the Gender Revolution Issue from National Geographic, you can check out the summary I did on our experience. That topic is still a work in progress that I’m hoping to explore a lot this year. 

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