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Week 3 of 2017

I’m hoping to remember to do these each week. My plan is usually to start the post on Mondays, so I can at least recap the weekend, then post about anything excited we do during the week before it gets posted on Friday. But, I’m not sure we have much planned this week. We did go to a birthday party this weekend. So, I’m going to shout out my friend and her event planning services; Simply Charming Designs.

Here’s a pic from her daughter’s party, but check out her portfolio with other samples of her work. 

Last week I took a crack at making pizza dough. Someone attempted to show me how easy it was a few years ago, and I just never really made the time to try. So, this time around I was given a hand me down pizza recipe book and decided it was time to give it a try. My kids love pizza, so homemade makes complete sense. The dough recipe is super delicious, I just really need to work on the sauce and cheese. (I completely ignore their bake times.)

First batch

Made 2, the second time around (this week). Baked at 400, just a tad too long. No complaints though. 

Whipped up these dresses made from my husband’s old dress shirts. They’re not perfect, but meant to be worn around the house. 

I also took another crack at my daughter’s hair. I’m fairly proud of myself at this try. I was so nervous with trying again that I ended up double strand cornrow twisting them (if that’s the term) the time before this. Also, while there was a little bit of a battle, I’m impressed with how she did stay still for a reasonable amount of time. 

My okay pic of the double strand cornrow twists. I’m going to need some tips on managing frizzy hair and maintaining black girl’s hair overall. This may have to be a meetup for my parenting/family group.  

*This posted earlier than planned. But I don’t have much to add, I guess. I plan to create a new post about my experience with watching Hidden Figures. 


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