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Week 6 of 2017

This week has been a slight rollercoaster ride of emotions for me. I feel like I’m battling a bit of depression, but really don’t have the time to explore my needs, much less my wants. 

Anyway, we had a really good Meetup this week. By good, I mean the kids appeared to have fun and the treats we made were yummy. Aside from the few flaws. 

You can check out the DIY Sweets here.

I also made this delicious dish after having a craving for lasagna. I always mess up the layers, so I decided to just buy rigatoni noodles and switch it up. 

The kids ENJOYED IT!!!

We did some quick Valentine’s. 

And I’m working on some colored pasta to play with. 

Oh and my mom got this for me as an early birthday gift. 

Now, if only I could lift my spirits…


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