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Week 12 of 2017

We did our monthly field trip to Staten Island Children’s Museum. One of my kids became attached to a man that we have never met. He kept calling him, “Mama”. It was kind of hysterical. I get bad for the guy at first because he seems uncomfortable, but then he seemed to embrace it. 

We also ended up at the mall so my oldest could participate in a bakers in training session at Panera. 

They made bread and decorated cookies

Then we just hung out for a bit. These kids are something else. 

My younger son seemed more afraid of the Easter Bunny than this Chik Fil A cow. He didn’t really want to go to either, but the cow made him smile a bit. My daughter almost cried at the bunny. (Keep in mind this is the bunny they expect children to take Easter pictures with)

I’m trying to get through this book by Stacey Patton, Spare the Kids. I’m only 2 chapters in, but I find it very well thought out. I like how she tackles this topic and addresses her critics. I’m really hoping to finish it before May!


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