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Cake Seduction

Once upon a time I was known as “the Cake Lady”. I had this amazing cake business where I made gourmet pound cakes.

Logo All_purple

I interacted with so many different people and built quite a few connections. But, upon becoming a mom, there was a struggle to maintain that business at the level it was used to functioning at.

VIP image

I used to post tons of pictures of the cakes I was creating. And even offered a tasting club.

Assorted Bundles

Sweethearts Box (64)

We had a Flavor of the Month Club


And a Seduction Rating for our cakes.


I maintained our website and developed every last one of our 40 recipes!

But, that was another time. It even feels like it was a whole different life for me. My life has changed so much over the last few years. But, lately, I’ve been missing some of the aspects of that business. So, I have been posting pictures on my Instagram and somewhat enticing friends and family with my delicious desserts. Of course, this past Thanksgiving and Christmas, I opened up ordering and only received one. Despite the expressed interest. I figure this time around, I would just set up an ordering link on this blog for those interested in a Cake Seduction fix. Selections are limited, and I can’t do short notices, but after receiving 2 orders, I figure this wouldn’t be such a bad idea. IT would be a low maintenance way to offer my treats and reconnect with the parts I love about Cake Seduction.


There are a few images under my Cake Seduction facebook profile. if you want to see a few more things that we’ve done. Like our Tasting Event or other vending events (. Our facebook page has been deactivated and I no longer own our web address.

If you would like to place an order or review our flavors, go to the Cake Seduction tab.


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