52 weeks, food, Homemade, Mommyhood, Natural Journey

 Week 24 of 2017

Strawberry Picking!

We really had so much fun just letting the kids run free. 

They roamed and baked in the sun. And we just got to be. My favorite time. 

I also managed to make some fun treats. 

I cut up all the strawberries to make a glaze which allowed me to make Strawberry Scones, Strawberry Lemonade, and a topping for some leftover pound cake. 

I may need to post a recipe for the Scones, but I basically just used my Cinnamon Scone recipe base and added the strawberry glaze. I used a scalloped biscuit cutter because my son kept asking for cookies. 

The strawberries on the pound cake was just missing some whipped cream. If I had planned it right, I would have whipped some canned coconut milk. It would probably taste good on the Scones as well. 

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