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Week 30 of 2017

Got the kids to make some cookies. Which has sparked a mini fire in me to actually get this cookbook made. 

They didn’t come out like I wanted, but the kids did enjoy them!

Got my friend from Simply Charming Designs to whip these up for me. We had our annual cousins reunion and surprised my cousin with a mini baby shower. These are cupcakes made using onesies and socks.

(Thought these would post in the other order.)

Made some puréed cauliflower. I needed a way to curb my carb cravings while I’m on this keto diet. Gotta work on the consistency with the tips I received. The flavor was great. Although it didn’t taste just like mashed potatoes, as advertised. I definitely knew I was eating cauliflower. 

Keto Surf n Turf. Beef brisket, crab cakes made using almond flour, and mashed (puréed) cauliflower. 

 Went to D.C. for our annual cousins reunion. Our first activity was to visit the National Museum of African American History & Culture


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