52 weeks, crafts, food, Homemade, Mommyhood, Natural Journey

Week 35 of 2017

Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!!

I really need to work on this cookbook!!! I’m going to start making goals for myself. Before the end of the year, I will have the recipes sorted out. The pictures will come… I guess. 

I love our trips to Ikea!!!

Made these flags for our group’s Family Picnic coming up. Attendees will be able to decorate them. Then, we will use them to find each other at future events and to decorate our Meetups. 

My Keto diet has hit somewhat of a stall. I’m still trying to fast, but I need a way to still allow carbs in my life. And a way where I won’t over do it. 

Our last workshop for this month was fairly informative, though we didn’t have many attendees. I’m hoping we can hook up with Masakhane for a future event/workshop. 


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