This Blog’s Purpose

If you started a blog, what would it be about? Who would be your target audience? What would you want people to be attracted to, yet stay around for? Would you write in the hopes to get paid? Or would it just be something you do for leisure, just to pass the time? These are the discussions I have in my head and as well as with my husband. I’m starting to think that if I can’t find the words to answer these questions properly, then maybe I’m not ready to blog.

But I just can’t help but listen to this voice inside of me telling me that my thoughts deserve a platform. I have things to say, and it would be nice if someone heard them. I’m not really trying to formulate a writing a career, but if there is something to gain financially from my thoughts, then so be it. I feel that there are a fair amount of people out there like myself, just looking to connect on certain topics without the added nonsense of these social networks. Read a great article, leave a decent comment, maybe check a few responses, then go on your merry way. No arguing back and forth over every disagreement. You know, normal people interactions. Yes, I know, that’s much easier to do off the internet. But, have you ever tried to have a decent conversation while caring for a child during nap time, lunch time, a melt down, or even a random moment when they just want your attention? It’s just not as easy as some would think.

Anyway, back to my questions. Let’s see, what would my blog be about? Well, for starters, ME! I’m a Designer at heart and love to explore things that inspire me. I enjoy cooking and baking and have been exploring new foods. I’m a mother, a wife, and a slew of other casual everyday nouns that many women like to use to describe themselves. But, I’m also a thinker, compassionate, insightful, dependable, honest, and long winded. I want my blog to reflect as many of those qualities as possible and challenge others to embrace those qualities about themselves. Come for the interesting recipes and inspirational finds, stay for the out of the box perspective on everyday topics.


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