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Thinking Out Loud #5

As a mom, I have to be so many things … and perfect is not one of them!

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Chocolate Cinnamon Scones with Chocolate Chips

I just made these yummy scones and thought I would share them with you. A few weeks ago we made some cinnamon scones (without the egg) and had some leftover cinnamon filling that I really wanted to use. I also have been craving some brownies as well as wanted to use up this yogurt drink… Continue reading Chocolate Cinnamon Scones with Chocolate Chips


Thinking Out Loud #4

If not you, Then who?

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Week 52 of 2017

I made it to the end!!! I'm so happy that I managed to complete this project. I'm looking forward to my next challenge, although I must admit that since it will be a Daily one, I don't expect to do so well. But there is room for forgiveness. I also won't be posting that one.… Continue reading Week 52 of 2017

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Week 51 of 2017

It's getting close to the end. While I've enjoyed this challenge, I won't be doing this again in the new year. I'm thinking of taking on another personal challenge though. I haven't had time to reflect on what my goals were for 2017 and what I feel I've accomplished. I'm hoping to reflect more on… Continue reading Week 51 of 2017


Thinking Out Loud #3

I am not responsible for how you perceive my pain.

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Week 50 of 2017

Busy week of finally prepping for my Afros and Cakes event. Made some hot fudge sauce and brown sugar. Hot Fudge Sauce. I'm planning to use the rest to top a chocolate crumb cake that I promised to make the kids for Christmas. I just want to post pictures of my beautiful creations. This one… Continue reading Week 50 of 2017