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(Frozen) Hot Chocolate

I could have sworn that I created a blog post about how I make my frozen hot chocolate. But it doesn't look like it's anywhere on this blog. It's possible that I may have decided to save it for my recipe book project. I'm not quite sure where I am in that project, so I'm… Continue reading (Frozen) Hot Chocolate

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Unschooling at a Glance

I'm sitting here disconnecting myself from reality while playing Sudoku on my phone. My kids are at our dining room table playing with (Pixar) Cars cards. My son is pretending that the Lightning McQueen card is a tablet game where he races. I over hear him express that he's being passed by Cruz Ramirez. He… Continue reading Unschooling at a Glance

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Chocolate Cinnamon Scones with Chocolate Chips

I just made these yummy scones and thought I would share them with you. A few weeks ago we made some cinnamon scones (without the egg) and had some leftover cinnamon filling that I really wanted to use. I also have been craving some brownies as well as wanted to use up this yogurt drink… Continue reading Chocolate Cinnamon Scones with Chocolate Chips

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Week 52 of 2017

I made it to the end!!! I'm so happy that I managed to complete this project. I'm looking forward to my next challenge, although I must admit that since it will be a Daily one, I don't expect to do so well. But there is room for forgiveness. I also won't be posting that one.… Continue reading Week 52 of 2017