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Week 48 of 2017

Trying to mentally prepare for this upcoming December event. I'm hoping the posts that I have scheduled on Facebook, will generate the interest I need. We played with some melty beads. I enjoyed watching the kids get so creative. I didn't take that many pics this week. I also don't think we did much. We… Continue reading Week 48 of 2017

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Week 45 of 2017

Made some cornmeal porridge since I realized the weather was perfect for it. Nothing like sharing your childhood memories with your offspring. Made some crayons with our homeschool CoOp. I love the end result of melting some of the loose crayons together. We might have to turn that in to a project itself. My drawing… Continue reading Week 45 of 2017

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Week 38 of 2017

We did our Virtual Book Club activity. This month's book was The Dot.  Made some Thieves Oil and a Hand Sanitizer Spray. I really need to use it more often during this season to reduce the germs we come in contact with.  Had fun Apple Picking with our crew. Didn't take as many pics as… Continue reading Week 38 of 2017

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Week 34 of 2017

Finally made it to the library. I asked my son to pick out a book and he ended up selecting this Hebrew to English dictionary. I'm not sure if this means he wants to learn it or what. We still checked it out though, lol.  Still enjoying making Frozen Hot Chocolate. I am trying to… Continue reading Week 34 of 2017

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Week 32 of 2017

Frozen Hot Chocolate! I have to check to see if I have a recipe somewhere.  Delicious! These kids did not want to share! We had our yoga workshop this week!

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Week 31 of 2017

Wrapped up our DC trip and reunion. That was fun. Can't wait for next year.  Had to come back and prep for these upcoming events for this month!  Took me 2 hours to strain and bottle all of these infusions! So many bottles of oil. I also made all of the salves and samples that… Continue reading Week 31 of 2017

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Week 15 of 2017

This week was full of quite a few memorable moments. We had our first Wheel Rally for the year. I'm also almost finished with our Care Packages and a descent way through making all of these doll carriers.