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Week 40 of 2017

Made a delicious batch of chili. I keep forgetting how much I actually enjoyed this! And Applesauce. Love these fall flavors.  Oh and Elderberry Syrup! We're also raising money for a Chocolate Milk Cafe chapter. Feel free to donate, if you're feeling generous. Every bit counts. $1 will go a long way.  I also received… Continue reading Week 40 of 2017

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Week 36 of 2017

Lego explosion! Fun at the park.  Working on a virtual book club for our group and hoping for more frequent trips to the library.  Lots of baking. Made some Carrot Apple Muffins with the kids.  I ended up freezing half of them.  The only way to keep these kids from eating them all.  Also made… Continue reading Week 36 of 2017

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Gluten Free Marble Brownies with Sweet Potato and Chocolate Chips

I have been trying to perfect my brownie recipe. Every time I make some, I end up switching things up based on my mood. Today, I went from planning to bake some marble (cheesecake) brownies to deciding to do a gluten free version with the addition of some leftover mashed sweet potato that I had… Continue reading Gluten Free Marble Brownies with Sweet Potato and Chocolate Chips

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Week 35 of 2017

Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!! I really need to work on this cookbook!!! I'm going to start making goals for myself. Before the end of the year, I will have the recipes sorted out. The pictures will comeā€¦ I guess.  I love our trips to Ikea!!! Made these flags for our group's Family Picnic coming up. Attendees… Continue reading Week 35 of 2017