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Week 50 of 2017

Busy week of finally prepping for my Afros and Cakes event. Made some hot fudge sauce and brown sugar. Hot Fudge Sauce. I'm planning to use the rest to top a chocolate crumb cake that I promised to make the kids for Christmas. I just want to post pictures of my beautiful creations. This one… Continue reading Week 50 of 2017

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Week 45 of 2017

Made some cornmeal porridge since I realized the weather was perfect for it. Nothing like sharing your childhood memories with your offspring. Made some crayons with our homeschool CoOp. I love the end result of melting some of the loose crayons together. We might have to turn that in to a project itself. My drawing… Continue reading Week 45 of 2017

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Week 38 of 2017

We did our Virtual Book Club activity. This month's book was The Dot.  Made some Thieves Oil and a Hand Sanitizer Spray. I really need to use it more often during this season to reduce the germs we come in contact with.  Had fun Apple Picking with our crew. Didn't take as many pics as… Continue reading Week 38 of 2017

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Week 36 of 2017

Lego explosion! Fun at the park.  Working on a virtual book club for our group and hoping for more frequent trips to the library.  Lots of baking. Made some Carrot Apple Muffins with the kids.  I ended up freezing half of them.  The only way to keep these kids from eating them all.  Also made… Continue reading Week 36 of 2017

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Week 35 of 2017

Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!! I really need to work on this cookbook!!! I'm going to start making goals for myself. Before the end of the year, I will have the recipes sorted out. The pictures will come… I guess.  I love our trips to Ikea!!! Made these flags for our group's Family Picnic coming up. Attendees… Continue reading Week 35 of 2017

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Week 34 of 2017

Finally made it to the library. I asked my son to pick out a book and he ended up selecting this Hebrew to English dictionary. I'm not sure if this means he wants to learn it or what. We still checked it out though, lol.  Still enjoying making Frozen Hot Chocolate. I am trying to… Continue reading Week 34 of 2017

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Week 33 of 2017

We got to hang out with my nieces and nephew! All of my mom's grandchildren together for a day. It was nice. I miss my brother's kids. I wish we could see them more. They're getting so big and my kids don't know them so well. :/ Finished up another workshop. I would love to… Continue reading Week 33 of 2017