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Week 34 of 2017

Finally made it to the library. I asked my son to pick out a book and he ended up selecting this Hebrew to English dictionary. I'm not sure if this means he wants to learn it or what. We still checked it out though, lol.  Still enjoying making Frozen Hot Chocolate. I am trying to… Continue reading Week 34 of 2017

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Week 30 of 2017

Got the kids to make some cookies. Which has sparked a mini fire in me to actually get this cookbook made.  They didn't come out like I wanted, but the kids did enjoy them! Got my friend from Simply Charming Designs to whip these up for me. We had our annual cousins reunion and surprised… Continue reading Week 30 of 2017

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Week 29 of 2017

I'm falling behind! I made a really good mango and shea hair butter.  It has a really good hold. I did the LOC method on her hair.  Then I decided to make a chocolate body butter that looks like a mousse. Got work on my ratios.  I can't eat carbs on this keto diet, so… Continue reading Week 29 of 2017